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The growth of the Spanish economy and the specialisation and internationalisation of companies attracts large companies and international investors. This fact has not gone unnoticed by the fund of Qatar investment SAMA GLOBAL INVESTMENT, whose strategy is to generate a significant volume of business and investment in Spain through the acquisition of new assets.

SAMA GLOBAL is a Qatar investment fund based in Doha (Qatar) that aims to invest and manage funds, following the policies, strategies and plans approved by the Supreme Council of Economic Affairs and Investment of Qatar.

Specialists in the management of all types of assets, stage of investment and international expansion aims to invest nationally and internationally in sectors as diverse as real estate, industry, sports, leisure, innovation and technology. It visions to achieve safe and real investment returns in the long run, always complying with the requirements of transparency, regulation, and disclosure of each country receiving such investments.

The Valencian consultancy IBERMARK with over 20 years experience in the field of intellectual property and the development of innovation projects has been the first phase and acquisition of SAMA GLOBAL in Spain offering together a comprehensive service covering all areas of management investments, whose negotiations in our country have already begun .

As part of the management of these funds, the consultancy IBERMARK is in talks with the leading financial institutions of our country to sign agreements that will allow SAMA GLOBAL to have all the services of these entities and institutions to be able to offer dynamism and flexibility to SAMA’s investments in Spain.

Internationally, SAMA GLOBAL has already signed with the Philippine company Premiere Horizon Alliance Corp (PHA) a financing fund of 250 million euros in a first phase with the perspective of expanding the investment in the future.

The memorandum of understanding was signed on January 17, 2019, in Doha, Qatar, by Augusto Antonio C. Serafica, Jr., president of P H A, president and CEO, and Abdulla Al- Mutawaa, president of Sama Global Investment, together with other officials of the company.

“PHA will invest the funds in real estate, tourist hospitality, construction of infrastructure and tourism, power generation, financial services and other allied and related companies,” the company said.

With this same purpose, SAMA GLOBAL has landed in our country, introducing new and future investment initiatives for its portfolio companies to improve the general value of them, safe bet by the Qatar company that is already an example for other foreign investment funds that also wish to install headquarters in Spain.